We help you turn legalese into solid greens!

Lawyer Marketing Company helps you Identify the problem … What do you think ails the business of law firms over the internet? Let me give you a clue. It is something about the marrow of this business. It is the language that lawyers use.


It does not do you much favor when it comes to establishing a connection with the target audience, communicate your unique value propositions to them and turn cold calling into cold hard cash.

Legalese is for courtrooms … spare your target clients from foot-long legal terminologies! This is exactly where you lose business. What Lawyer Marketing Company helps you with is create a digital presence that talks human and brings in clients round the clock while you’re busy with existing cases and other business affairs.

An attorney marketing company with a different vision of how marketing and SEO should be done for law firms & attorneys.

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What we do

A Different Legal Marketing Company

Law Firm Branding

It is pretty simple, isn’t it? If a law firm is not the same as an accounting firm, their branding can also not be the same. Therefore, we have a specialized approach toward legal firm’s branding.

We believe when it comes to law companies’ branding or marketing, the pain points become very important. Because selling a legal relief is not the same as selling chocolates or perfumes or massage services.

It is something that is related to your clients’ pain and thus you need a branding that highlights the pain points of your target audience and attracts them towards your services.

Target Oriented Services

We do not believe in baseless claims; this we leave to competitors with zero experience in the niche of law firm internet marketing. As a matter of fact, marketing for law firms is not the same as marketing for any other business.

This also made us research the challenges of a law firm and the client acquisition model that most of the law companies have. We learned that unless our services are synced with unique challenges of these law companies and their unique type of clients, it is in vain. However, needless to say, that … But we did it!

Lawyer Marketing Company

All-Inclusive Law Firm Marketing Solutions

Our team dreamt of Lawyer Marketing Company as a one-stop shop for all branding, marketing and advertising needs of a legal firm. We have been doing a lot of research in this field and we find out that even USA’s 100 best law firms fail when it comes to an adequate legal presence.

They had poor website design, content style, and format that was only okay before 2,000. Obviously, most of them don’t even have marketing, SEO or content departments. In this situation, what we offer is an all-inclusive digital dominance over their competitors.

Why none, but only this Law Firm Marketing Company?

Having a legal expert on the panel, we very well understand the industry, and challenges faced by a new or old law firm. This is one of the most important reasons why we have always delivered on our clients’ expectations.

Since we have a policy of working only on one project at a time, we always have a long queue of clients waiting for us to start working on their project.

With 100% satisfaction or unlimited revisions policy, there’s no limit to how far we can go to satisfy our clients. Most importantly, if we cannot do what you expect us to do, we follow a 100%, no strings attached refund policy.

That’s right! Lawyer Marketing Company refunds the entire amount – that too with an apology.

Our Services

We don’t call’em services; we call’em a package. A complete package that takes you to the glory of Google Page 1.

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