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Law Firm Branding

All our law firm branding services do is make you known to the people who should know you …

If you often ask yourself questions like why people do not recognise your brand by its name, logo, branding styles, marketing materials, and colours, etc.?

And why people are not aware of the problems that you address and the solutions that you provide to those problems? It means as if you have never done any branding for your company.

What we do

Law Firm’s Brand Identity = Brand Positioning

Take it like a formula shared by dear departed Newton. If you want your law firm to have its own brand identity, you have to think of brand positioning.

This is precisely what we do here at Lawyer Marketing Company. We sit with your marketing control and devise a brand positioning statement that best describes where you position yourself in your field.

On the basis of this. We define your vision and mission statements and then comes the entire content and landing pages … In short, if you get brand positioning right, you get everything right.

Brand Recognition

We know that you want the world’s best colors and graphics and words to describe your brand, but it always takes a good digital branding campaign to help people get familiar with your brand.

Here is what we do at this stage of basic lawyer branding:

  • Lawyer Marketing Company (LMC) market your brand with unique marketing material specific to your brand, e.g. colours, logo, tagline … so on and so forth.
  • We also advertise your brand, day and night, on Facebook and Google Ads to go fast through the brand recognition phase.
  • Our company employs engagement tactics to get more and more of the target audience to like your social media handles and visit your website.

Brand Awareness

We have to ensure that your target audience does not only recognizes your brand (coz we let the colors fly), but it understands the value that you offer to the clients.

Here is what we do at the stage of Brand Awareness:

  • Lawyer Marketing Company makes sure that your UVPs, your vision statement, your mission statement and your areas of practice are very well known to your target audience.
  • We voice your legal expertise and communicate it to your target audience in the clearest and most appealing way.
  • Our company makes sure that your company’s professional values and narrative are well known to your target clients.
  • We also communicate your promise and your brand philosophy to your audience.

Why Choose Our Law Firm Branding Agency?

That is a very valid question. However, the answer is two, three and many folds. Here is how we can best communicate our value to you:

  • Lawyer Marketing Company is not a general digital agency that serves all types of businesses. It’s a band of brothers (and sisters) with experience of working in the legal field and serving only law firms. We’re designers, SEO experts, marketers, and programmers who worked only for law firms.
  • We know that every niche is different from another and this is why our solution works. We have solutions tailored to the problems of law firms and attorneys. Our law firm branding is based on the time-tested and proven tactics that have previously worked for lawyers and law firms.

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