Law Firm Web Design

Tailor Made for Law Firms and Attorneys Only

Web Design that works in mysterious ways…

Out of our experience, we create a law firm web design that speaks for you

Because you might not have noticed, but every business speaks for themselves. Also, each of the business has an air of superiority about them. But there can be 100 ways in the air can touch you.

We find for your air of superiority, a form that is familiar to it. In conclusion, we communicate your experience, unique value propositions, work philosophy and the entire feel of your business to your clients … with nothing else, but a web design made to work for law firms and attorneys.

What makes our law firm web design so special?

An Attorney Website Design Above and Beyond Themes & Templates

We believe in individuality and we think that no two businesses in the same niche are the same. This is the reason why our legal web designer services do not rely on free or Premium themes or templates.

We custom design your website to make sure that it looks and speaks like you. After detailed meetings with you and your partners. We brainstorm a design that you can slap a stamp on, call yours with pride and market with your name.

Modern & Responsive Design

It is like telling you something that you already know. You know very well, that while the rest of the online and offline businesses have moved to the galaxy of smart mobile devices, and their websites exude this learning. Law firm websites still look like as though it is early 2,000s.

We know your clients more than you do – at least in term of their exposure to the internet and understanding of 21st-century website design. They are familiar with mobile friendly and fully responsive websites – unless you want to see them running in the opposite direction, greet them well with a modern and responsive website.

Search Engine Friendly

We know search engine optimization like the palms of our hands. To us, it is a thing of daily routine to keep checking Google and other Search Engine updates, and being familiar with search engine friendly practices.

You might not believe this, but a website’s design and structure play a very pivotal role in ranking that particular website. Without a thoughtfully devised and structured website, you cannot aim at a higher ranking in SERPs. From optimizing the speed of a website to a user-friendly structure, we know all about how website design affects SEO.

Complete Solution

While every business love to see the reincarnation of their offline business into digital form. Most of them run away like scared rabbits when it comes to maintaining a website. From domain acquisition to picking the hosting better suited to one’s specific needs to finalizing a hosting service to server management and back end support and beyond. It is a Pandora box that no one wants to open.

We do! We do, and we provide you a complete solution. It is like handing over to you the key to your house without having you go through all the pain. We also tell you the total estimate from domain acquisition to the completion of web design, and at the end of this process, you uninterruptedly own a complete website.

Wave Wave

Law Firm Web Design

Attorney Web Design Backed by 100% Guarantee

We do not only claim that we are transparent in our services; we actually make sure that you get to feel the transparency. While we have a very few unhappy clients, it is possible for you to dislike the lawyer website design job that we will do for you. We are always open to your suggestions and concerns.

We offer an unlimited revision guarantee – unless you’re happy from the website design you get from us. You can also get it edited again and again unless you are satisfied.

And on the off chance that you totally lose faith in our experience and skills to realize your dream of a website, rest assured that we will bite the bullet and refund your money.

A Peek into Our Law Firm Web Design Process

Our process? We take pride in our legal web design services because we play with the best and most up to date toys of the programming and developing the world. When we say that we give you a modern and fully responsive website, we mean it. And we make it sure with the help of tools like WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery, etc.

Here is a peek into our process … come closer and have a better look at how we go from the inception to the completion of your brainchild.

Website Checklist

Onboarding Process

That is where we find ourselves after a few emails are exchanged and phone minutes are spent. You do not know why you failed to get clients on the internet, and we know that problem is with old-school law firm website design and approach. We send you a detailed onboarding process form. You see all the questions, understand what they are aimed at and answer us meticulously. Now we know that apart from the picture that we have in our mind, of perfect web design for your law firm is incomplete without bits and pieces coming from your fertile brain.
Website Brainstorming

Market Research and Marketing Collateral

After we have known your niche – the specific area of practice – and we have done enough market research to know the kind of web design that best suits your niche and the kind of web design that the most successful of your competitors have, we either collect whatever marketing collateral you have or create it.
Mockup for Law Firm Web Design


This is where we dive deeper into our experience and research, and we come up with a website design and graphics that are not only tailored to your needs. But best serve the UI and UX standards made by the market. We send you these mockups and wait for your feedback.
Law Firm Website Testing

Bugs Testing & Launch

Once we have gone through the lengthy process of sending and getting rejected and once we get the green light for the final design. We will test the design for bugs. We will make sure to eliminate all the coding errors and problems at this stage. However, when we remove all the bugs if any. We will launch the website and let you know that you’re ready to market your services, definitely from the same company that helped you with very professional and unique web design.



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